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Machine Design

Maskinkonstruktion Finnvedens AB has a long tradition of constructing "Cutting-Edge" machines.

To our long-term client, Modig Machine Tool, we have assisted with mechanical design, drawings and technical documentation for over 35 years.

Other well known actors like Volvo, Scania and many other have relied on our expertise in mechanical design.


We design and develop fixtures and tooling for most purposes.

Along with proven producers, we can deliver a complete solution to you as a client.

Among our customers you will find, Husqvarna AB - to which we have delivered over 80 fixtures through the years, DMG Mori and others.

Product Development

Do you need help with a new or existing product? We can help you!

One company who has seen the advantage of hiring us is Thule Sweden AB, on site we help them to develop and improve a variety of products.

Calculation Tasks

Being able to predict the strength, resistance to stress and strain on various structures are a vital part of our work.

With skilled staff and modern software, we can test, simulate and perform calculations on existing and new constructions.