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Quality Policy

  • The company and its employees must all work so that the customer is taken care of in a positive, service-oriented manner.
  • We must be good listeners, so that the customer's requirements and expectations for the product are met.
  • We must do right from the beginning and deliver on time.
  • We will constantly try to improve the company and its employees through education and by actively following developments in our field.
  • Product quality must be a guiding principle in our work.
  • It should be obvious for the customer to choose Maskinkonstruktion Finnvedens AB when he has need of the services we can offer.


To realize our mission, the staff is well trained and has experience of both design tasks such as project management. We are happy to work close to the customer's organization so that the customer's knowledge and experience becomes part of the project.

Customer requirements and expectations are for us the key concepts that have correct product quality and to contain the promised delivery times are the guiding principles in our work. We are constantly improving and skills to achieve the desired results.

Maskinkonstruktion Finnvedens AB is certified ISO 9001 since autumn 1998. Since autumn 2002 we are certified according to ISO 9001: 2000.

We have the skills to use multiple CAD software and calculation programs. Currently, our primary CAD software is SolidWorks but should other software may be preferable, we are no stranger to this.

The designated scope varies, in some cases carried out the mission from idea to finished product, in others parts of this. Customer's requests for documentation control the type of data produced. In addition to the design work, we can guarantee the production of prototypes and models.

As our name suggests, we have our roots in the construction equipment industry. This area is supplemented with consumer products, fixtures, tools and special machines.

If the client wishes, we take total responsibility for the design and, where appropriate, manufacture of equipment. A production-ready and proven equipment handed over to the customer.